Tip of the Month

TIP OF THE MONTH: Caring for Your Spring Blossoms

Tips to care for your Spring Blossoms:
  • Caring for your fresh cut bulb blossoms is as easy as one, two, three. The first key to longevity is to keep your blossoms in a cool and sun free area. Too much sun and excess heat will quickly wilt these delicate beauties.
  • Give each stem a fresh cut daily and place in fresh, shallow and cool water. If the water is too deep and warm, the stems will rot quickly.
  • Enjoy the classic beauty of these seasonal stunners.

A Spring Cleaning fo Your Indoor Plants:

  • Start with checking the soil level.
  • Add a small amount to the sides and top, if necessary.
  • Lightly prune any dead or diseased branches and foliage.
  • Follow with a light application of a nontoxic insecticide as a preventive.
  • Give your awakening plants a light fertilization.

Just sit back and watch your sleeping beauties spring back to life.

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