Keeping You and Our Employees Safe

We will be following the Department of Health NY Forward Safety Plan Guidelines.

Masks - We will provide each employee with masks. Employees who are interacting with customers (i.e., delivery people) will be required to wear a clean mask every day. All packaging and delivery will be handled with the utmost care and attention to safety guidelines.
Sanitizing - We will use 70% alcohol in spray bottles and paper towels to clean all surfaces inside the shop. The inside of the van will be disinfected throughout the day, and the delivery person will wipe down the steering wheel and front seat with 70% alcohol after every delivery. The delivery person will also wear a mask and gloves for each delivery.
Testing - We have asked each employee to be tested before returning to work. Temperatures will be taken daily and each employee will complete a questionnaire about symptoms, testing, and close contacts as recommended by the CDC.
In-person customer visits will be by appointment only and we are offering curbside pickup.

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